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A new edutainment event for children in Southampton supported by the University of Southampton and the City Council. 

A unique educational project for children was launched at the InJoy Centre this autumn. Special events dedicated to the intersection of history and science were organised by STEMM.Junior, in collaboration with experts from Archaeology at the University of Southampton and the British Museum, using materials that perfectly complement and build upon the foundations laid by the school curriculum.  

The first wave of events was devoted to the history of Ancient Egypt, with children discovering fun and fascinating facts about Ancient Egyptian civilization. For example, they learnt that although the Egyptian pyramids were built thousands of years ago, their sizes are comparable with modern high-tech buildings.

After an entertaining and engaging exploration of the history, the children took part in a crafting session, where they could use a 3D printer to construct their own chocolate pyramids. They were also invited to observe mould under a powerful microscope, following the example of the Egyptians to learn how it was used as an antibiotic long before penicillin was discovered.

Special guest Dr Kristian Strutt, an expert in archaeological mapping, thrilled the children with a live laser scanner demo, showing how modern archaeologists are using scientific advances to discover what lies beneath the ground.

The educational programme helped children grasp the concept of how ancient discoveries have unlocked modern-day developments in architecture, medicine, engineering, and science.

After the lecture and crafting session, the children went to InJoy’s trampolines to burn off all their energy. 

Following on from the successful first wave, STEMM.Junior hopes to run a series of similar events in future. Look out for details at:

The event was supported by Southampton City Council, which sponsored tickets for children from low-income households.