STEMM Global Early Career Scientists

Who is an early career scientist?

To promote diversity, equity, and inclusion we believe it’s important that ‘early career’ is not just defined by age. Some scientists take career breaks, or they can come to science later in life. The best way to know if a researcher is early career is to ask them if that’s how they identify.

STEMM Global early career scientists comprise undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, junior faculty, lecturers, technicians, and those making their first move into the world outside academia. Early career scientists are the key to the future, so its important that we as a Society do all that we can to support them.

How does STEMM Global support early career scientists?

STEMM Global is committed to supporting the work, development, and opportunities of early career scientists. We aim to achieve this through a range of schemes and programmes:

We offer research funding

Getting research projects off the ground takes money. We offer funding to support and enhance the research activities of early career scientists. STEMM Global’s various funding opportunities can enable early stage research into new or developing ideas, facilitate travel and knowledge exchange, help to run international scientific networking events, and contribute to lab equipment purchases.

We operate LANs

We offer early career scientists the opportunity to establish or participate in a STEMM Global Local Area Network, with additional collective benefits. Visit the Local Area Networks page to find out more.

We help you to network

We facilitate interdisciplinary networking to drive novel collaboration between disparate fields and to promote new ways of thinking that maximise scientific impact. The unique  networking platform connects you with scientists and researchers from academia and industry who have a single unified goal – to improve the world through advancing science and technology.

We enhance your skills

We provide continuing professional development opportunities that build a solid base of transferrable skills, including:
• Leadership
• Entrepreneurship
• Science communication
• Navigating publication
• and many more topics.

We provide mentors

We will host a comprehensive mentorship programme to enable early career scientists to learn from the experiences of those in later career stages, as well as from their peers. Whether you are stuck with your research, or worried about your future, someone else has experienced it and come through the other side successfully – and now they’re happy to help you do the same.

We support teaching

We will support scientists taking their first steps into teaching (at all levels) by providing resources and examples of best practice to get their students learning and enjoying science.