Science & Technology

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Nankai Symposium Series on Mathematical Dialogues

The Nankai Symposium is a series held at the Chern Institute, China (hybrid), promoting the dialogue between different branches of mathematics, pure and applied.
The 2021 symposium was highlighted by a special public lecture by Sir Roger Penrose, on his recent Nobel winning work on black-holes.

AI for People Summits

The STEMM AI Summits series is a highly curated programme focused on future AI applications, and the ways AI is already used today. We are questioning how far are we from the “AI for People World”? .
Points of discussion include but limited to AI and ML enabled robotics, diagnostics and treatments, data gathering and management, ethics, pharmaceuticals, and clinical research developments to help face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

1st Spring Biophotonics Conference in Porto

The scope of this symposium ranges from basic fundamental studies to applied research in the field of Biophotonics, Biomedical Optics, Optical Imaging, Biosensing and Theragnostics, including optical and photonics-based engineering, translational, clinical and pre-clinical studies.

Photonic, Optoelectronic, & Electronic Materials

POEM Conference Series focused on cutting edge Materials development for Industrial Applications in:

Energy harvesting

Green energy
Security & Defence

Smart NanoMaterials: Advances, Innovation and Applications

The STEMM Smart Nanomaterials (SNAIA) Conference Series is a unique, established science-to-technology networking platform covering the most exciting emerging fields in smart technologies. It gives the opportunity to present to, share knowledge with, and establish links between leading experts from academia and industry.

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