STEMM Global Scientific Society is a unique, interdisciplinary community dedicated to the advancement of science and technology. Our mission is to connect and bring together our members to create a diverse, like-minded network of leading scientists and researchers from academia and industry. Through building their networks, our members can find the opportunities to pursue the cutting-edge collaborations that unlock the potential of their research.

We aim to achieve the following goals:

1) To bridge the chasm between academic research and industrial applications by connecting Academia with Business. STEMM Global helps establish mutual dialogue between STEMM Global Members and Business Representatives to initiate and build long-term collaborations and partnerships to develop scientific research into advanced real-world applications with an immediate societal impact.

► How do we achieve this?
• By offering a unique online networking platform for all members from academia and business to spark the connections that allow a two-way exchange of knowledge, ideas, information, and opportunities.
• By organising and supporting academia-to-business conferences and events, on-line and off-line, nationally and internationally.

2) To strengthen the diversity of opinions in academia by giving a voice to women, mothers, LGTBQ+, scientists of all ethnicities, and early-career scientists. All members are invited and encourages to speak honestly about current and past barriers for minorities in STEMM, to challenge stereotypes in the current academic system, and to create a new, better academia without borders or glass ceilings.

► How do we achieve this?
• By organising and supporting events programmes that highlight diversity deficits and build solutions to overcome these problems.
• By championing inclusivity and equality of opportunity throughout all of our activities and programmes.
• By providing a comprehensive mentorship programme to learn from the experiences of others who have faced similar challenges.

3) To nurture the next generation of researchers, identifying and supporting talent at the early career stages to enable researchers to maximise their potential. STEMM Global provides a programme of support for early career researchers to develop their skills and enhance their career prospects. Whether their future is in academia, industry, or business, early career researchers will find plentiful support in the STEMM Global network.

► How do we achieve this?
• By providing funding to support and enhance the research activities of early career scientists.
• By providing continuing professional development opportunities that build a solid base of transferrable skills.
• By providing a comprehensive mentorship programme to learn from the experiences of others.
• By providing support to scientists taking their first steps into teaching.

4) To promote science and inspire future scientists. STEMM Global supports its members in disseminating and communicating science, technology, and research to a diverse audience through a range of innovative activities, opportunities, and resources.

► How do we achieve this?
• By organising and supporting outreach events and activities, facilitated by our members.
• By providing resources to aid and improve teaching science at all levels.